I have seen many doctors about recurrent UTI and yeast infection symptoms. Please help.

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I am writing on this website today practically begging for some help. I am a 19 year old female and for the last 2 and a half years I have seen doctors for recurrent UTI and yeast infection symptoms about once every 2-3 weeks whether it is an urgent care doctor, an OBGYN doctor, or a urologist. They have seen no cause of my problems and have not been able to figure out what is going on. I had an IUD implanted about 2 years ago, however these issues started before this. Throughout the month I feel like I get at least 2 or 3 UTI infections that come along with yeast infection symptoms as well (itching). I have had MANY urine cultures done, some show infection (UTI) while others do not. I have had every STI test there is and absolutely negative (I have never once had an STI). I do not know what to do anymore. I have been put on so many antibiotics that I don't think they are even working anymore. I have tried prescription and over the counter yeast infection medication and nothing is helping. I have read about internal cystitis and I do not know if that could be it although my doctor almost seems to not recognize that as an actual condition. Please if anyone has experienced this and has any ideas of what might be going on and how to treat this please let me know. It is affecting my work, my schoolwork, and my relationships. I have had to call into work so many times I fear I might lose it.

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    this is terrible to go through. I think the yeast infections are from antibiotics. A urologist to rule out possible kidney stone or issue, abnormality of bladder, urethra, incomplete emptying by scans, CT, bloodwork, microscopic urine evaluation (some UTI sufferers found out abnormality and had no idea).

    i think your first few UTIs were not completely cleared. Bacteria attached to wall and remained in bladder. Biofilm can coat these bacteria, colonies form. Each antibiotic kills free- floating bacteria but all under biofilm are not killed. So its not new infections- its bacteria in bladder increase in number and cause symptoms again even though not new infection. Doctor will tell you if he thinks this could be happening to you.

    Some take d-mannose, long-trrm antibiotics, methenamine, etc. for these colonized infections and resistant strains like ESBL. Its very difficult to eradicate, I hope you find MD to fully check you and also make treatment plan.

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    Gracejean is right, the yeast is probably from the antibiotics and you seem to be unable to get rid of whatever bug is causing your problem and also have persistent yeast infections as well.

    The thing about biofilms is that antibiotics can't touch the bacteria colonies so this is where the D mannose comes in. It's very acidic and can gradually wear away the biofilm but you need to keep taking it for maybe 6 weeks or more. You need to drink plenty to keep any exposed bacteria flushed out and cranberry juice is great for making sure they don't stick to the bladder wall and start off new colonies.

    Frequent UTIs can lead to scarring on the bladder wall and electron microscope pictures show these scars as ledges which can then easily be populated by new bacterial colonies - so you need to get rid of all the bugs and build up healthy bladder walls again.

    This can take time and, while you're at it, it's a good idea to check your diet and eliminate all the things that bugs and yeasts love such as sugary foods and drinks. Try to eat as healthily as possible, drink loads of water and take plenty of Vitamin C (500mg four times a day). Your body will thank you for whatever it needs and you will simply pee out the excess - but it makes the pee acidic and the bugs really don't like it.

    If you're in a steady relationship now maybe get your partner checked in case you're passing a bug back and forth between you. Also remember that every time you take antibiotics you need to take probiotics to protect your vital friendly bacteria.

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    I would always suggest putting every mortal thing in writing because that is the only valid data that is worth anything in this world of ours. Phone calls and face to face

    discussions can be denied which is not constructive for you.

    You need an experienced specialist who knows all there is to know about your problem for starters.

    Look at the incidence where over years 28 doctors did not look at my medical history to evaluate the possible bacterial infection I most certainly had. One urologist even challenged me saying that I could not prove I had had an infection when the infection I did have was eradicated to the extent that my symptoms were gone after antibiotic treatment. Even then an infection is not necessarily completely eradicated so that it may never return. Some bacterias can be acquiescent and cause no symptoms for decades and then cause symptoms at a later time whereby the resistance kicks in and stems the proliferation of the bacteria. That is provided the immune system is working well.

    A lead nurse at our teaching hospital who is top re expertise said to me ----don't get me going about urologists! My dad had a catheter in three months that was not needed! There is of course excellent doctors and there are also unfortunately not so excellent ones also but getting the not so good ones to admit they are out of their depth is I would say difficult. Keep badgering until you reach the goal that you are happy with and that you get rid of your problem....... The letter you write to your doctors must include you are fed up with your symptoms and you require resolution to your problems. Be insistent and make sure 'they' know your situation is not acceptable in writing. I see one of the modern tests is the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test which some bacteria will be detected when other tests do not reveal it.

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