Dr Max Pemberton

Dr Max Pemberton

Psychiatrist and media doctor

Max Pemberton is a doctor, journalist and writer. He is based in London and works in mental health. 

He is a columnist for The Daily Mail, writing weekly on news events concerning culture, social and ethical issues, the politics of health care and the NHS. He is also a columnist for Reader’s Digest and a contributor to The Spectator.

Before moving to the Daily Mail three years ago, he was a columnist at the Daily Telegraph for 12 years. 

He has also written five books. His first, Trust Me I’m A (junior) Doctor was serialised on Radio 4 Book of the Week and charted his first year of life as a doctor on the NHS wards. He has also written a self-help book using CBT to help people stop smoking. His latest book is a children’s book about the human body.

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